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About J.E. Branham Christian Academy

Greeting, my name is Shontia’ Branham.  I have a Master’s Degree in Education.  I have been public education for over 25 years and have decided to open a Christian school in the Tampa Bay area where a lot of our elementary students are failing.  J. E. Branham Christian Academy (BCA) is a 501(c)3 under Hope 4 2day Ministries and we are in the startup phase of our school.  We desire to serve the Hillsborough County, Tampa Bay area by providing a Christian based education to those students and families who desire such.  

We are looking to build tomorrow’s leaders to be the catalyst to change their immediate environment surrounding them. Our children will not only receive education in the area academics, but we will also focus on character development.  BCA will offer smaller classroom sizes, teacher regulation and the children will be educated about their Creator, God!  

Our mission, at J. E. Branham Christian Academy, is to provide a superior Christian education to our students by assisting our families and our community to help develop each child’s individual and unique gift through academics, morals and a strong foundation in Christ Jesus, which brings honor and glory to God.  We will also incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) as a variation of our curriculum as we look to prepare students for 21st century careers and entrepreneurship.

Our competitors are the public-school system who have our students in failing schools.  The differences between the public schools and the private Christian schools are vast.  The public-school system has too many schools that enroll students and treat them as if they were a number or dollar sign.  They allow their teachers to become tenure, which secures the teachers position and regardless if she teaches or sits at her desk, she will be paid.  We regulate teacher performance because we know that student performance is extremely important to the future of society.

The school system is receiving approximately $9,449 per student, which allows them to serve the child’s emergent need; however, the children are failing at alarming rates.  The industry, in our opinion, is not fair in the private educational sector, the children receive their tuition through tax credits, which are approximately $6,920 per student, which is a significant deficit compared to public school educational funding.  There are so many public schools that are allowing our children to fail when education is so important for their future.

We, here at J. E. Branham Christian Academy, believe that all children can learn regardless of disability, lack of experiences or culture.  The emergence of individual growth varies with each child.  Although most children benefit from group instruction, some children experience success with an emphasis on one modality, (i.e., kinesthetic, visual or auditory learning) which is identified and used to facilitate the acquiring of new skills.  

The foundation of our school is not religious, but Bible based only.  We speak where the Bible speaks and are silent where the Bible is silent.  BCA’s philosophy and assessments will be implemented using teacher observations, standardized testing, small and large group instruction.

We are targeting the low-income and disenfranchised students of Hillsborough County, Tampa Bay area.  We are developing more research on why students tend to fail in the public-school sector and what we can do to make learning more exciting. We are planning to enroll students from failing schools to give them the opportunity to engage in a smaller Christian learning environment with rigor, relevance and relationships.

We emphasize sensitivity to each child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, social, moral, and spiritual need.  Our focus will be on assisting with students learning to be humble, respectful and having a positive influence on the world around them.  Healthy mental attitudes, self-esteem, and appropriate guidance techniques are fostered in the classroom, on the playground and on field trips.

Parents are required to volunteer in order for their child to remain enrolled because we believe that parental involvement is very vital to a child’s growth.  Therefore by being involved in going on field trips, volunteering in the classroom, etc. will create support to the child in many ways.

Our curriculum will serve the children’s needs by building self-esteem and courage towards learning by “chunking” lessons and allowing the children to correct mistakes (which creates learning) before submitting assignments.  

BCA does not discriminate based on race or gender in evaluating student applicants. Church membership shall not be a determining factor in the admission decision. Branham Christian Academy is a private institution and reserves the right to accept or reject any applicants academic and behavior record in making decisions regarding admittance or retention.  

A consideration of admission is for families and students not to take offense at the Christian nature and influence of Branham Christian Academy.  Students will be required to sign the Honor Code published in their handbook.

Throughout their time with us, we will ask the parents to fill out a survey to see if our school is a good fit for their child(ren).  We will offer the parents and students a more individualized approach to learning by providing smaller classroom sizes in order to meet the individual educational needs of each student.

We are seeking partners in our quest to advance the Kingdom of God.  We are looking to raise $250,000 March 2020 to facilitate our start-up funds which include our lease of a building, furniture, curriculum, materials and starting teacher salaries.  We will maintain funds using the Florida Tax Credit which does not disperse until the end of September.  

Finally, we solicit your prayers for this Kingdom work.  We recognize that without the body of Christ operating and working together that we cannot accomplish all that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has called us to do.  

Thank you and may God Bless your Kingdom work!

Shontia’ Branham, Owner/Director


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       P.O. BOX 13   VALRICO, FL  33594

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