Good afternoon, I first want to thank you for going out into the Community to invite people to our event, offering your services and/or if you had plans to attend and help out but unfortunately we will have to cancel. The City of Tampa called this morning and said that basically all of the police officers will be at Gasparilla and we need the police at our event. Then they said that we would have to have a permit which was NOT told to us before. Nonetheless I don’t want you to feel as if your work was in vain but please keep us in prayer as we hope that this will not negatively reflect on God or His people. We will let you know when we reschedule the event. God bless you and thank you!



We were honored to go out into the community (Borrell Park) and assist our brothers and sisters with hygiene products on Sunday, December 23, 2019.20181223_122357




We were also privileged to give gifts to a family this holiday season!



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